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Los Angeles Herald, Quantity 31, Quantity twelve, fourteen Oct 188…
Under the Sea—Nature’s Pneumatic Cabinet.

[BT WALTIB LISDLKY, M. D., LOS ANQELES. | I I not too long ago study that an American of wealth was establishing a sanatorium in > the valley of the river Jordan, around the Useless Sea. He ascertained that a bronchial passion was relieved the place the barometric force was terrific, as it is in this valley of the Holy Land. This is the most marked melancholy on the face of the earth, remaining l,2oo.ft below sealevel. The gentleman will make the sensible assertion that the place atmospheric force is finest, as in the depressions, respiration is least complicated. In the jap element of San Diego county, about one hundred miles from Los Angeles, is a melancholy traversed by the Southern Pacific railroad.known to geographers as the Sau Felipe Sink, but usually termed —on account of the innumerable shells spread above its floor —the Conchilla Valley. The unobserving transcontinental traveler above the Southern Pacific railroad would vacation the a hundred mileß west of Yuma —on the Colorado river—without giving a look out of the automobile window, but he would consider ho was in the Colorado Desert, and want the prepare would go quicker but this really location is one of the most exceptional on the face of the irlobe. Dr. J. P. Widney, of Lus Angeles, whilst surgeon in the United States Army, crossed this region with troops 20-one several years back. He then discovered encompassing this territory a very well outlined • line together the mountain sides, always at the same stage. Earlier mentioned that line the rocks are sharp and jagged, demonstrating that for ages the water experienced stood at that stage. He suggests, “I discovered it to be the outdated beach of a sea.” I uncover absolutely nothing else famous of this nation until eventually the surveying bash of the Southern Pacific railroad, in working the line from Los Angelea to Yuma, discovered that sea stage was at the level the place Dr. Widney experienced famous the historic beach. They then slowly descended to the south until eventually they reached a melancholy of 268 ft below sea stage, at a level around Salton. This basin is about one hundred thirty miles in duration by thirty miles in average width. The deepest level is about 360 ft below sealevel. Together the northern margin of this basin, correct up versus the mountains, are terrific numbers of day-palms. These tropical trees are indigenous to this valley, and several of them reach a top of eighty ft. When ripe, a one bunch of fruit weighs one hundred kilos. It has a style really comparable to the day-palm of commerce. The tree has massive lover leaves, and is the same as can be viewed in pretty much every park and property in the towns of Southern California. The passenger on the Southern Pacific railroad, by glancing out of the north side of the automobile at Indio, can see these large sentinels maintaining silent vigil above the plains beheath them. At Salton, on the Southern Pacific Railroad, the floor of the earth for nearly 10 miles sq. is covered with a crust of salt 4 inches to a foot thick. I stopped there in midsummer and went out on this terrific white discipline about midday. The mercury indicated 105 degrees F. in the household, but out in tho sunshine, with the stunning reflection from the glistening floor that extended for miles on each and every side, the temperature was possibly 105 degrees F. The workmen out in this peculiar harvest discipline ended up as cheerful as any set of guys I at any time noticed, and there was significantly a lot less exhibition of struggling from warmth than is to be viewed, ordinarily, in .luly, in the wheat fields of the Mississippi Valley. The minimal relative humidity clarifies the full absence of sunstroke here. The atmosphere in this region, adulterated by the chlorine gases emanating from the salt-beds, should be nearly aseptic. There are comprehensive mills here for grinding the salt. It is not put by means of any program of purification, but, after grinding, proves to be great for desk use. Many hundred tons are therefore geared up every thirty day period and delivered absent. A couple of miles east of here are the renowned mud volcanoes, which are equivalent in speculate to the geysers of this State. Owing to the treacherous character of the floor all-around them they have never ever been totally examined. Professor flanks, the State Mineralogist, undertook it, but breaking by means of the crust he was so seriously burned that he was compelled to abandon his investigations. Below is an comprehensive, pretty much unexplored discipline for some adventurous scientist. Indio is the spot to cease and make headquarters for excursions by means of this exciting nation. It is the principal station in the valley, and ia around the northern rim of the basin, remaining only 20 ft below sea-stage. The sandy plains all-around Indio ended up previously regarded a hopeless barren waste, but the advent of the railroad has created terrific variations. Excellent water is provided by floor wells but in buy to have water for irrigation, artesian wells have been bored. There is one, two and threefourths miles east of Indio that is now no wing 1,000 gallons for each hour. This flowing water was reached at a depth of only 115 ft, after unexciting by means of layers of sand, clay, sand, rough blue clay, clay, coarse gravel, clay and sand. Oranges and several other sorts of fruit are remaining grown here, and melons, tomatoes and berries ripen many months previously than at Los Angeles and other destinations around the coastline. There are in this vicinity about forty thousand acres of great land. The customer here, on witnessing the water flowing from the artesian wells, the grass growing, the melons ripening, and the peach trees blooming, can fitly say With Isaiah: ”The Lord shall convenience all the waste destinations. He will make the desert like the backyard, and the desert shall rejoice, and bloom as tbe rose. For in the wilderness shall waters crack out, and streams in the desert. And the parched floor Bhall turn into a ‘ pool, and the thirsty land springs of water.”

In this valley are living about 400 of the Cohuilia Indians. This is an exciting tribe. Dr. Stephen Bowers, in a paper study prior to the Ventura County Culture of All-natural Record, March five, 1888, reported be believed them to be of Aztec origin. They are sunlight and hearth worshipers and imagine in tbe transmigration of souls and tbat their departed mates sometimes enter into coyotes and therefore linger about their previous habitation. They practice cremation. Their principal post of food items is the mesquit bean, which they triturate in mortars of wood or stone, after which the meal is sifted and the coarser part is utilised as food items for their horses and cattle, and the finer is created into cakes for loved ones use. The agave, or century plant, which is indigenous here, is also significantly utilised for food items. The roots, roasted, style like ■tewed turnips, whilst the stem, roasted, is reported to style like baked sweet potatoes. From this plant they also make the Mexican beverage pulque, which has about the same alcoholic toughness as beer. The ethnologist can, by attaining their assurance, get significantly exciting details from these really peaceable Indiana. I discovered at Salton and Indio asthmatics, rheumatics and consumptives, all of whom documented amazing recoveries. Some of these tales I approved cum ftano »alit, which phrase is, by the way,

THE LOS ANGELES Day by day HERALD: SUNDAY Early morning, Oct fourteen, 1888.

primarily applicable to the salt-fields. These asthmatics and consumptives assert that the farther they get below sea-stage and the dryer the atmosphere, the much easier they breathe. The rheumatics assert that the warmth and dryness improves the circulation. My remain was not prolonged more than enough to make any dependable observations, but it transpired to me that, apart from dryness— indicate aunual,relative humidity undoubtedly not above 20-five—and equability, there was sizeable atmospheric force at a level 350 feot below sealevel, and that we experienced here moderately compressed air on a massive scale. In a recent paper on the use of the pneumatic cupboard, tho creator, from several circumstances in practice, displays that compressed air relieves asthmatics and circumstances of phthisis. He suggests the compressed air will slowly drive its way into every element of the lung, in buy that the force may possibly be the same on the inside as on the out. Whilst the proportion of oxygen is, of system, not enhanced, but there is an enhanced quantity in a presented space, and we definitely have the oxygen therapy on an comprehensive scale. The health practitioner may possibly say that at from 200 to 360 ft below sea-stage the force would not be as significantly as in the cupboard. That is genuine, but fie affected individual goes into the cupboard for, say 50 percent an hour, a few or 4 situations a week, whilst if he .is at a level like Salton he is respiration this moderately compressed air all the time, day and night. This is basically on the principle of the pneumttic chamber of Tabarie, tha firat one at any time employed. This is the approach advised by Dr. A. H. Smith. He refers to the therapeutic worth of the enhanced quantity of oxygen inhaled. He suggests compressed air is useful in catarrh of the mucus membrane, in acute and subacute inflammation of the respiratory mucus membrane, in restoring the permeability of airtubes occluded by* exudation or or else, in asthma, in pulmonary hemorrhage, in pleuretic effusion, in uncomplicated anu’tnia, in inveterate circumstances of psoriasis and ichthyosis and in the several kinds and phases of phthisis. He does not advocate it in pulmonary emphysema. Dr. Smith suggests compressed air need to be utilised instantly and perseveringly on the earliest recognizable signals i of apical catarrh iv individuals predisposed to , chest disorder. He also primarily suggests it as an alterative. Of system my deductions are tentative, but I hope by contacting attention to this uuiiue region to attain the support of clever observers. If a phthisical or asthmatic affected individual of sizeable vigor intends coming to Southern California, his health practitioner may be justified in suggesting that —except through the summer time months —he cease at Indio, and froai there test the climate of this basin. If not suited or benefited, it is but two hours’ experience by rail to Beaument, a delightful vacation resort, with great lodging, two thousand five hundred ft over sea-stage but two several hours additional to the pine forests in the San Jacinto mountains, from six thousand to 10 thousand ft over tea stage, or to Riverside, Monrovia, Pomona, or Whittier, ail about 1,000 ft over the sea or to Los Angeles, 350 ft over sea stage or to Santa Monica, Prolonged Beach, Santa Barbara,or San Diego, specifically on the coastline, and but 9 several hours experience by rail and boat to Catalina Islands, twentyfive miles out at sea, the place a common ocean atmosphere can be enjo-ed. Thus an mistake in spot can be immediately corrected. Note. Other destinations below sea-stage —Sink of tbe Araorgoga (Arroyo del Muerto), in Japanese California, 225 ft below sea-stage. The Caspian Sea, eighty-five ft below Bea-stage. Lake Assal. east of Abyssinia iv tho Afar nation, 8 miles prolonged and fonr miles wide, is about TtiO ft below sea-stage, ft fboies are covered with a crust of salt about a foot thick. This salt is » supply of revenue to the A fare, as tbey have it by tbe caravans to Abyssinia, whey they lino a ready marketplace. There are many other depressions about six hundred ft, below sealevel in this vicinity. Tho famous oasis Siwah. in the Libyan desert, a few hundred miles west of Cairo, is one hundred and 20 feot below sea-stage. Below are gorgeous day-palm groves, and h re aiso the apricot, the olive, tbe pomegranate and (he vine are extensively cultivated, in in the Borne desert is tbe oasis Araj, iwo hundred and sixty-six ft below aea-stage There are also several other depressions In the th form part of Algeria aud at several details on the Sahara Desert. —[from the Southern California Practitioner for Oct.

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