Mexico is one big country located in North America, having fifty-nine cities. These cities have beautiful architectures which surround the whole country. Mexico has been known for its hundreds of museums, which are very rich in history, anthropology and many more.

Mexico City, being the capital, has an active economic, industrial and cultural center in the whole country of Mexico. Because of its active economy, it contributes more, being one pf the country's GDP. They do not only promote the economic side of the city, they also cultivate their cultural and industrial side.

The Mexicans preserved their historic architectures to be able to conserve the history of the place. There are beautiful landmarks that are cultured to maintain their beauty. Event their museums are more on historical structure. These historic structures of Mexico attract more tourists to visit the place. Because of this, more and more people are interested to come and see the beauty of this place. This is where hotels started to grow. People who tend to visit Mexico look for a place to stay while they are in the city.

The most well known hotels that offer good services that satisfy the needs of the customers are:
o Hilton Mexico City Airport
o Camino Real Aeropuerto
o Sheraton Centro Historico Hotel
o Fiesta Inn Tijuanna Mexico

These are just a few of the hotels you can visit when you are in Mexico City.

Hilton Mexico City Airport is located at the third level of the Benito Juarez International Airport. Camino Real Aeropuerto was made initially as a central tower and then later expanded to satisfy more of the needs of the travelers – both for business and pleasure. Sheraton Centro Historico Hotel is a 24 – story hotel which is just a few mile away from the airport, museum, cathedral and other exciting places to be visited. Fiesta Inn Tijuanna Mexico is located just 5 minutes away from the border or Mexico and United States.

All of the hotels mentioned above have complete amenities like:
o elevators
o laundry services
o safe deposit boxes
o business center
o fitness center
o currency exchange
o secretarial services
o 24-hour room services

Some of them even has spa center, internet connections for free for free, and special rooms for the persons with disability.

Some other features in the hotel rooms are:
o satellite TVs
o movie on-demand
o two telephone units
o voicemails
o data ports
o climate controls
o mini bars
o room safes
o alarm clocks
o hairdryers
o ironing equipments
o electronic door locks

These hotels also have special offers for their guests which includes:
o Boutique and gift shops
o Babysitting services
o Daily news paper in Spanish and English
o Valet Parking

Their rooms are divided into smoking and non-smoking rooms.

Business centers are complete. All you need to do your business is all there. They offer conference rooms complete with:
o computer facilities
o visual aids facilities
o speakers, TV and Music aid
o internet connections
o photocopy services
o binding services
o complete supplies for sale and many more

Fitness centers are excellent for those travelers who are physically conscious. They have complete gears that these people needed in keeping shape. These fitness centers have spacious place where everyone can jog every time they want. Their gears are the newest and the latest. They also offer gym sessions with their professional gym instructors. Their spa comes together with their salon. With complete facilities, anyone can always look good and can get the style that they want to wear, have a nice nail polish, and relaxed spa session.

Mexico hotels do not just focus on these. They also offer outdoor sports like other ocean sports. Snorkeling and swimming are best in their beaches. Tourists and local guests can even do surfing from their clear waters. It is fun to do such sports especially during summer.

These are just a few of the things you can experience in Mexico hotels. There are many more that is offered for you. If you love to travel, it is best that you try the Mexico hotels and experience a nice vacation that you want. Mexico hotels can certainly satisfy your business and pleasure needs.

Do not worry about your budget; there are hotels in Mexico where you can get great discounts but not sacrificing the pleasure you can get.

Source by David Urmann