I have been Scuba diving considering the fact that 1993, and while I do not get to reside around as significantly as I would like, I have been to a fantastic range of diving places around the planet. I like to share stories and activities, so in this article is my consider on some wonderful dive places I&#39ve been to. I have tried out to emphasize what I found most distinctive about every website. Of study course anyone has distinctive expectations of a dive, but the things I favored at these internet sites are things that I have not found a lot of other locations.

San Carlos, Mexico – Sea of ​​Cortez:
I did a dive vacation in this article on a reside aboard, and obtained in about 24 dives in five days. San Carlos was our departure point, situated about fifty percent way down on the Mexico facet of the Baja Gulf, or the Sea of ​​Cortez. We dove this in March, so the water temp was a chilly fifty five degrees, but an 11mm wetsuit solved that dilemma. We dove all more than the put, in essence within a straight line going west from San Carlos, all the way to the Baja facet. There ended up a pretty fantastic amount of money of fish around the “reefs”, which truly did not have significantly everyday living, just rocks. But the actual draw was the uncommon sealife you do not typically see elsewhere. We noticed Black Idea Sharks, rays, Octopus, and heaps and heaps of Sealions. There ended up also some fantastic person manufactured reefs (ie wrecks) that ended up a pretty uncomplicated dive at around eighty to a hundred ft.

In normal, there was some wonderful diving, but you have to finish the cold water. Also, the reefs are not very breathtaking, and the fish not ample, but the stuff you see is truly neat and challenging to find anyplace else.

Roatan Island, Honduras:
Did two dives in this article, off of the Coral Cay Beach. I do not know the names of the areas as I dove with a non-english talking fisherman (not encouraged). The water was wonderful, eighty five degrees year spherical, but visibility was only about a hundred ft, but I believe this was due to the tough water (about six foot swells).

This diving was the ideal “terrain diving” I have at any time carried out. There was not a complete large amount of fish everyday living, but the walls and reefs ended up unbelievable. The very first dive was on a wall going from sixty ft to one hundred eighty ft. There ended up some large eagle rays and universities of grouper, but what held my focus was the sheer magnitude of the walls. They ended up entirely protected with reef everyday living and there ended up lovely colours everywhere you go. There ended up heaps of ravines and caves to examine, and while the base of the wall was unreachable at one hundred eighty ft, you could see it at all periods, which manufactured the wall appear to be magnificent in viewpoint.

British Virgin Islands:
Did two dives in the BVI It is a gorgeous put even above the water, but beneath is breathtaking. The water is warm plenty of to skin dive, and the visibility is at least a hundred ft.

The very first put I dove was named “Lifeless Male&#39s Upper body” on the idea of Peter Island. This was a tough dive due to a very sturdy surge, even down to about 40 ft. The website is centered around five “finger” walls which go from the floor down to about one hundred thirty ft. It is wonderful wall diving with heaps of ledges and holes to examine, and has fantastic stuff to see at any depth. The coral is fewer ample in this article due to the surge, but there is rather a large amount of tropical fish everyday living poking around the walls. Of study course there are the at any time current barracuda, angel fish, parrot fish, etc. A very fantastic wall dive site, but only obtainable by boat.

The second site was the barrier reef just east of Virgin Gorda, referred to by a lot of as “the bitter finish”. This was a wonderful reef dive, delivering uncomplicated shallow diving on the west, and further, but more robust surge, diving on the east. Listed here you get a fair amount of money of bigger deep fish coming up the barrier reef to feed, and you usually see sharks and eagle rays in this article. Be very knowledgeable of the Fireplace Coral even though, I had a operate in with it that brought on a rash for a week.

Cozumel, Mexico:
This was the ideal diving I have at any time carried out. The water was a balmy eighty five degrees, and visibility was endless. Cozumel features the optimum mixture of reside reef and ample fish I have at any time encountered.

My very first dive was at the San Fransisco Wall, which is the fall off going from sixty ft, straight down to 1800 ft. This of study course gives the large deep fish coming up the wall, as effectively as the typical reef fish. The second dive was at Paradise Reef, which was sixty ft at it&#39s deepest.
The reefs ended up a hundred p.c protected by every variety of coral, sponge and supporter I know of. Stunning colours and everyday living on an extremely nutritious reef, and this was only four a long time immediately after it was decimated by a hurricane. There ended up fish everywhere you go and we noticed some very uncommon and attention-grabbing fish as effectively. There ended up sea snakes, eel, lobster, rock crab, and even a seahorse (the very first I&#39ve at any time observed), and we found a nurse shark hiding in a hole.

Cozumel was the only put I have dove that had breathtaking reefs and ample fish (typically I come across a single or the other). I hugely recommend this as a should dive location, and can not hold out to get back again to it.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:
The diving in this article was what I contemplate “typical” Pacific Mexico diving. Not a complete large amount to see, but what you do see is truly neat. There ended up a number of standard reef fish, and a reliably nutritious reef, but mainly rock. We noticed Moray Eel, Sea Turtles, sea snakes, and played around with an inflated puffer fish. The water was warm plenty of for a shorty wetsuit, but I would recommend a slim complete accommodate. Visibility was wonderful, and the fantastic stuff to see was somewhat shallow, 40 to sixty ft, generating it an uncomplicated dive for newcomers.

Source by Dave Gray