Boasting four environmentally themed, 18-hole golf courses surrounded by a variety of spectacular housing opportunities, world-class amenities and superlative services, Jumeirah Golf Estate is among the world’s most prestigious residential golfing communities.

Master planned and designed by World Class Golfers including Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia, Peter Dye and Vijay Singh, the four courses pay tribute to the four powerful elements of nature- Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. Each course is cleverly designed to deliver its own challenges by employing the characteristic traits of its own surroundings. Together, the four courses promise a golfing experience that is at once exciting, exhilarating and absolutely unforgettable.

Meeting the Challenges of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind at Jumeirah Golf Estate


Carefully designed to harness the stark beauty of the desert, the Fire course exists in harmony with the surrounding landscape. The varied assortment of carefully chosen exotic flora reflects the overall theme and enhances the natural environment.

The tees are carefully positioned to offer a variety of length, elevation and direction and offer players a challenging variety of strategic play options.

With rustic Mediterranean and Tuscan architectural themes and materials including rough stone, brick and stucco walls, the seven residential streets that are located around the Fire course complement the beauty of this exotic desert setting.


Inspired by Florida and the Pacific Islands, the Water neighborhood has as its centerpiece a stunning waterfall surrounded by abundant palm-fringed streams and lakes and winding wetland areas that are carefully positioned to ensnare the unwary golfer.

A huge choice of teeing options offers the golfers a range of courses that could be as short as 5,000 yards to as long as 7,500 yards. The strategically placed hazards, most of which are water hazards will allow shorter hitters a little more space but challenging longer hitters.


Taking its inspiration from the great parkland courses of North America and Europe, the Earth neighborhood incorporates impressive, swift-flowing water features that are interspersed among dense landscaped vegetation. The Mediterranean houses in the background provide the perfect backdrop.

The natural topography of the Earth course provide a variety of angles along with changing perspectives from each tee while the trees and bunkers guide the player along the length of the course. The meandering water features offer an ever-present challenge to take into consideration when lining up the next shot.


Following the course of the spectacular Arabian Canal, the Wind neighborhood blends open, lush, landscaping and superlative amenities with the best in waterfront living.

Taking golf back to its very roots, the traditional links-style Wind course utilizes the power and the energy of the wind. Tight fairways that are shielded between rolling dunes offer minimum room for error.

Jumeirah Golf Estate: For Those Who Want to Golf and for Those Who Don’t

Occupying a total land area of 1,119 hectares, the Jumeirah Golf Estate property development was designed to be a self-sufficient golfing community. No more do you have to pack up your golfing gear and trudge half way across town for a good game of golf. At the Jumeirah Golf Estate property development 75% of all properties face the golf courses directly and the ones that don’t, face the many lakes and nature strips.

For those who want to take a break from golf, there’s a whole host of recreational and sporting facilities including swimming pools, fitness centers, spa facilities, wellness centers, barbeque facilities and other entertainment and shopping areas to indulge in.

Source by John Hill