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3 Tree Fertilization Techniques

Landscape and urban trees typically grow in soils that do not contain sufficient elements due to disruption of the nutrient cycle by pavement, buildings and roads. Also, leaves, the driver of the nutrient cycle, are raked up...

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Bonsai Tree Meaning

A lot of people wonder about the meaning behind the bonsai tree. Well, let’s start with the meaning of the word itself. Bonsai, first of all, is a Japanese word and could be translated as ‘a tree in a pot’. The...

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ATV's For Sale

There are many people who will swear that racing or riding on an ATV will let you experience racing and outdoor riding in a totally different way. These individuals will inform you that you can perform all of your outdoor...

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Why I Like Acai

Palm trees are no longer just for looks (although they do look very nice and tropical). The Açaí Palm is native to Central and South America and grows mainly in swamps and floodplains. Açaí berries have been a large part of the...

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