Aloha Palms…

Welcome to our ‘Aloha Palms’ Oct 2016 collection.

Impressed by dreamy island get-generally. Swaying palm trees, the scent of fresh coconuts & balmy breezes. Infinite summers days, used at the seashore from sunrise to sunset.

The variety signifies the Hawaiian shoreline, with a colour palette of soft pastel skies, palm, taupe and ocean blues. ‘ALOHA PALMS’ is composed of your Rhythm staple styles, blended with some fresh styles and prints which includes our brazil pant, and the Maui scoop major – the fantastic major for extensive board driving.

We hope you take pleasure in the glimpses of our ‘Aloha Palms’ collection.

Occur stop by before long as we’ve saved you a spot on the seashore!

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