Imagine lying on warm sand under a blue sky, pine and palm trees rustling behind your head and waves coming gently to the shore beyond your toes. You are at your Hua Hin beach resort, taking a much-deserved holiday. This is bliss, you think after an hour in the sun. But by hour four, the sand is itchy, the sun is blazing, and your iPod is running out of power. What to do? Retreat to your beach resort and recover? Or try something a little more exciting?

Besides napping on the beach has many exciting things to do that take place on or near the sand and surf. Here is a Top 10 list of activities that will get you off your towel at your Hua Hin beach resort in no time at all!

10. Water sports: Just like any beach resort community, They offers many opportunities to ride the waves and explore the coastline. For instance, take a glass canoe or sea kayak into the little inlets and beaches that dot the shoreline of the Gulf of Thailand.

9. Eco-cruising: Take a journey on the wild side when you hop on a boat for a quirky adventure in Hua Hin. Go for an evening expedition on a real squid boat, for instance, or set sail for Monkey Island.

8. Snorkeling: Below the waters of the Gulf of Thailand is a whole other world, waiting to be discovered. Slip on a snorkel mask and a pair of fins from your beach resort and see it for yourself.

7. Cycling: With a bit of leg power, you can explore all 5 kilometers of the beach at Hua Hin with ease when you rent a bicycle and see the local sights.

6. Elephant Trekking: While the elephant treks don't always take place on the beach, per se, how could you pass up the opportunity to ride one of nature's most majestic creatures in a beautiful setting?

5. Thai massage: Whether on the beach or in an air-conditioned spa room at your Hua Hin beach resort, a Thai massage is one of the best ways to interact with Thai culture and feel incredibly relaxed at the end.

4. Fishing: Catch some of the famous local seafood for yourself. Cast your line directly from the edge of the surf into the sea or go out on a fishing excursion into deeper waters.

3. Golf: Ask your resort about hitting the links at any of Hua Hin's famous golf courses. For instance, Anantara Hua Hin beach resort arranges golf tours for its guests.

2. Kite-boarding: Soar over the waves like a sea bird when you learn the art of kite-boarding, one of the most exhilarating sports on the water.

1. Eating local seafood: Playing around in the sun all day can make you quite hungry! Sample some of the local delicacies, often for sale just a few steps from your beach blanket – grilled fish and squid freshly caught, icy pineapple slices, coconut ice cream, and much more. Whether in the nicest restaurant or lowliest street stall vendor, the food at Hua Hin rarely disappoints.

Enjoy your exciting thing at Hua Hin Beach Resort.

Source by Maddox G. Raphoya