Having sweaty palms is very common. Especially in today’s world where sometimes anxiety overcomes us at certain points, and we start sweating for no reason. Just think about any job interview you had in your life. If you can’t remember any occasion, consider yourself lucky, because having sweaty palms can be a lot troubling, and embarrassing.

“Sweaty palms” is also known as palmar hyperhidrosis, a medical condition characterized by excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis can occur also at armpits or feet, and it is not a temporary condition. People with excessive sweating have had it for years, and it only becomes worse as they get older and need to interact with other people. Many people become so embarrassed just to go to a social event because they have to shake hands, and if they do go they can’t do it confidently.

So what causes sweaty palms? It is not known for sure today but doctors believe that it is linked to an over activity of the sympathetic nervous system, that controls automatic processes. Other conditions linked to sweaty palms are hyperthyroidism, menopause, obesity, and psychiatric disorders.

Sweaty palms treatment can vary depending of the degree of the condition. Severe cases are best treated by surgery. This surgery is called Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy, and in this surgical procedure, portions of the sympathetic nerve trunk are cut, or removed. Other treatments are: oral medication (Ditropan, Robinul), botulinum toxic (Botox), Aluminum chloride solutions, iontophoresis, hypnosis, meditation, and biofeedback. These other treatments are aimed to people with a low grade of sweating, for example people with sweaty palms treated by anxiety. In this case, the less intrusive methods such as hypnosis, meditation and biofeedback are by far the recommended alternatives.

If you suffer from sweaty palms, go visit your doctor. A certified physician can help you decide which way to follow to solve your problem, you don’t have to live forever with embarrassment, thanks to today’s techniques.

Source by Paolo Basauri