Designate communications to your child, lest they slip away. Precedent communications behind a door that does not want to open, but will if you keep trying. Aspergers parenting autism pdd? Or a reverie of silence? I think that ice can be seen through if you keep on trying. Reverie mind you is a dream world that oft times creates art and blesses all of our souls.


Let me hear that distant call
a daydream
a little girl
in the back seat of her parents car.
I slipped into reverie.
Who really needs to speak at all?

What else is there to do?
Parents speaking to one another
once in awhile to me.
I am happy for this pencil
and this tablet
sitting here on my knees.

Driving and driving
from state to state
I wonder
do they know where they are going?
When they get there
will they be happy?
Or will we go again?

If I draw a paper doll
will she stand up
pull herself from my picture
and speak to me?

The road goes on and on
I look up at times to see if there are any trees.
When will we get there
I wonder
yet I do not say one single word.

Florida was nice
I think I liked the palm trees.
There was a neighbor near
I rode my tricycle there
sat in a chair
watching their home movies.

Somewhere that cloud will hold me
I will dance on stars
tip toe on the Milky Way
find the reason stars dance
Learn the sparkle words they say.

My father made a sled of ice
He used aa garden hose
to wet down the snow.
It was very cold
but the day became warm
despite the temperatures bickering.

I stared into the icy surface
took off one mitten
felt inside my pocket for my paper doll
who really needs to talk anyway
when everything you need
is there
inside your pocket.


05 August 2007

Source by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen