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A Guide to the Best Wrinkle Treatment

The Botox wrinkle treatment is becoming popular popular. But, if you're like me, you would rather use the best wrinkle cream, instead. Not only are the injections painful, they leave people looking strangely bloated. Improving your appearance is fine, but paralyzing facial muscles cannot be a good idea. Many people are allergic to collagen injections, but Botox is the deadliest naturally occurring poison in the world. I don't care how effective Botox wrinkle treatment is supposed to be. I care too much about my overall health to consider "trying" it. In some cases, it causes permanent paralysis of a facial muscle. So, people loose the ability to blink or raise their eyebrows or make other facial expressions. Luckily, the best wrinkle cream on the market is not accompanied by unwanted side effects. Nature has provided everything that we need to make the best wrinkle cream on earth. One company has gone to the effort of collecting effective ingredients from all over the planet. In New Zealand, there is a unique type of mono-floral honey that has been proven to support the skin's cell renewal process, stimulate the immune system and assist in the formation of stronger collagen. It's called Active Manuka honey. It is particularly beneficial for use at night. In Africa, there is the Shea fruit tree. From the pits of the fruit, we get Shea butter. It...

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How Many Calories In Coconut

Coconut is a tropical fruit, grown on a palm tree. Coconut has a hairy exterior and the inside of the coconut is white containing a flavorful treat. The inside of the coconut is saturated with a type of coconut juice that looks much like milk. Calories in coconut depend on the portion size, as well as whether the coconut is sweetened or unsweetened. Fresh Coconut – 159 calories or (45.0g.) For a 2 "x2" x1 / 2 "piece. Coconut contains the mineral thiamine, offering health benefits for the nervous system. Shredded Coconut – 283 calories or (80.0g.) Per one cup serving. Coconut is high in fat, as one cup of shredded coconut has 283 calories and 241 of the calories are from fat. Canned coconut cream – 1057 calories or (296.0g.) Canned coconut cream is not a wise food choice for those who want to lose weight. Grated Frozen Coconut – 45 calories or (14.1g.) Per 2 tablespoon serving. Grated frozen coconut is a little less in calories, although it is still very high in fat at only 45 calories per 2 tablespoon serving and 36 of those calories are from fat. Nutrition Facts The nutritional value of coconut is extensive with vitamin B-complex, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, inositol, biotin, poyridoxal, folic acid and choline. Coconut contains a mixture of potent vitamins and minerals, and has been known to...

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Live Plants to Avoid in Your Freshwater Aquarium

Plants are great for aquariums; they create oxygen for your fish, keep your tank clean and simply look good. But beware – Pet stores often try to make money by selling terrestrial (land-dwelling) plants as aquatic ones. Though water is good for plants, submerging terrestrial plants in water is a bad idea. They will die and rot in your fish tank. The pollutants from the rotting plant are likely to cause your fish to die. When aquatic plant shopping, make sure you only buy true aquatic plants. Here are brief descriptions of plants pet stores most commonly try to sell as aquatic wannabes. The most popular is the Dracaena Marginata, or Dragon Tree. Dragon Trees kind of look like paint brushes, with trunks similar to palm trees and spiky leaves that stick out of the top. Your friendly neighborhood pet store usually sells a baby version of this tree, but in the wild they can grow to be 16 feet tall. Dracaena Marginata is considered a bamboo plant and actually needs dry conditions to grow and will die rather quickly if submerged in water. Another popular poser is Algaonema. This is actually a popular household plant and is recognizable by its wide green waxy-looking leaves. The Chinese believe this to be a good omen, but could mean bad things for your aquarium. Algaonema need to be planted in heavy...

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Phuket Island – Popular Travel Destination in Thailand

Phuket has grown into one of the premier holiday destinations in South East Asia and is one of the busiest travel destinations of Thailand. It has replaced Bali as the most popular holiday island in the region. What makes Phuket island such a great travel destination? Phuket is first of all an inexpensive holiday destination. Phuket hotels, resorts and guesthouses can be found in all price categories and ratings and prices are considerably cheaper then what one would encounter in Europe or America. Dining in restaurants or buying drinks in bars or clubs on Phuket is also less expensive then what most tourists are used to paying back in their home countries. Phuket Beaches The palm tree lined beaches of Phuket Island are of course world famous due to its crystal white sand and clear water of the Andaman Sea. Some of the nicest and most popular beaches found on Phuket Island are the beaches at Patong, Kamala, Karon, Kata and Nai Harn. Phuket Nightlife The Phuket nightlife is another reason why many tourists visit Phuket each year on holiday. Many tourists seem to keep coming back each year for especially the nightlife and bars of Phuket. Most Phuket island nightlife venues can be found in Patong beach along the well known Soi Bangla. A number of large clubs are located along Bangla road in Patong including the very...

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Bees Wax; History and Origin

We have often been asked where wax comes from? Well there are many types of Waxes. Bees wax has been around for a while. There are many mentions of beeswax in historic writing such as the myth where Icarus son of Daedalus put on wings of wax and as he flew too close to the sun, it melted and Icarus fell to his death. The father with more experience flew closer to the ground and made it to Italy. In Roman times Pliny, lived from 23 AD to 79 AD and described white bees wax which he got by boiling yellow bees wax in salt water. This was then used in broth and feed to those with dysentery, it was also used as a skin softener. Some beeswax to this day is used in cosmetics. Virgil the great Roman Poet (well I do not think the stuff is that good) wrote of an invention by Pan, who was the guardian of the bees (an ancient bee keeper man) made a flute of reeds held together by bees wax. During the Middle Ages wooden panels covered with beeswax was noted by Homer a Greek poet. Many Romans were honored by having statues made of them selves made in bees wax and thus today we have the Movie Land Wax Museum in LA. Romans also wore Death Masks as well occasionally....

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