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White Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Everywhere you look this time of year you’ll see Christmas tree decoration ideas. The good news is that there are many different options available when it comes to decorating your tree. Even better than the multitude of options is the fact that there really is no wrong way in which to decorate your Christmas tree. Decorate your tree the way you see fit. However, there are some that simply seem to blank when it comes to inspired and innovative decorating ideas. For you, we are here to help. The place to start when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree is with the lights. What kind of Christmas tree would it be without lights after all? There are many styles, colors, and types of lights to consider when it comes to your Christmas tree be sure to choose the lights that strike your fancy and not the lights you think will drive your family batty (you have to live with the lights you choose too). In addition to the many choices of lights, there are also quite a few different styles of tree from which to choose. One choice in Christmas tree that is growing in popularity is the white Christmas tree. If you elect a white Christmas tree for your decorating pleasure, a good idea for decorations is to go with a dual-colored theme for your ornaments and...

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The Beaches of Lantana

Lantana is a small seaside village in Palm Beach County just minutes from West Palm Beach. Preserved in Lantana is that Old Florida small-town-fishing-village charm, and it is a popular winter destination for a large number of Floridians and others. It is both one of the oldest and smallest settlements in Palm Beach County, and is a great place to go to relax. In general, I'd recommend it to those who are looking to visit the Palm Beach region and want a fairly quiet, relaxing town to use as their base for excursions into other communities (Palm Beach and Delray Beach are both very close, and there are great fishing charters that sail out of nearby Boynton Beach). That being said, there are some very nice attractions in Lantana, most notably, its fine beach. Lantana's beach offers quite a lot to the casual beach-goer. The dunes surrounding the beach make great hiking opportunities, while the beach itself is quite nice, and features a playground for the kids (or large creepy men). The beach also features an inshore reef and restaurant, and so it is a perennial destination for SCUBA divers, birdwatchers, and gluttons. Lantana is a very nice little spot, and is the perfect base for exploring Palm Beach County. Naturally, you'll need some transportation from Lantana to your vacation destinations, and as such, you should consider Mirage Limo....

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Invertebrate biodiversity in apple orchards: agrichemical sprays as explanatory variables for inter-orchard community differences

Abstract Invertebrates are important providers of ecosystem services to orchards and the orchards may benefit where there is greater biodiversity. Previous research has shown that apple orchards using organic or integrated pest management support different invertebrate communities, as can different orchards within the same management system. In the present study, we examined the potential for agrichemical usage to explain inter-orchard invertebrate community differences in 10 New Zealand apple orchards under integrated pest management. Multiple regression models were used to examine relationships between spray diary data and invertebrates collected by branch tapping, pitfall and sticky traps in 2011/2012. Insecticides, fungicides,...

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Pomegranate – How to Prune Landscaping and Fruiting Pomegranate Trees

The Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a deciduous tree or large shrub, which should be pruned at the end of its dormancy, ie toward the end of winter. In general, the method for pruning trees differs with ornamental plants as opposed to those grown mainly for their fruit. As Pomegranate is both a beautiful landscaping tree and one that has delicious and nutritious fruit, the dilemma facing the gardener concerns the type of pruning to adopt. Pruning Trees for Fruit Commercial fruit tree growers prune their trees by shortening main branches. The purpose is to induction new spring growth, from which develops more numerous flower buds and then more fruit. The farmer is also interested in making the harvesting process cheaper and easier, which he does by periodically lowering the height of the tree. The trouble is that this method is often imported into the garden garden, to which it is large unsuited. The reason for this being shortening branches disturbs the natural shape and flow of the tree, leaving behind an ugly stump, from which sprout a group of stems. It may be right for the farmer, primarily interested in maximizing yields, but not for the ornamental gardener, concerned with the appearance of the landscape plants. Pruning Pomegranate Trees for Landscaping In order to reserve the natural look of a tree, instead of shortening branches, whole limbs are removed...

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End Your Speech With a Punchline!

Have you ever been to a talk and were left feeling flat – like the speaker left you wanting more? On the other hand, have you been to a presentation where the speaker left you inspired, wanting more and excited to sign up for whatever they had to offer? I’m willing to bet that the way the speaker ended their speech made a big difference. Beginnings and endings are important! How often have you heard a speaker that has a great opening and by the time they get to the ending they fizzle out? Speakers sometimes get to the end of their time and have no idea how to end their speech so they ramble on or just thank their audience. To be remembered, I strongly encourage you to finish your speech with a joke, a pithy phrase, a quote that you want the audience to tuck away in their mind as something memorable. Always leave the audience on an upbeat note. One of the mistakes often made is when speakers spend all their time on the beginning of their speech and give very little attention to their ending – reverse that and you will notice the difference. Spend at least 10% of your speech time on your conclusion and tying your earlier points together. For example: with a 30 minute speech use 5 min on the opening, 15...

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