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Month: November 2019

Here’s How You Can Find Your G-Spot

The latest research has it confirmed: women do have a g-spot, woohoo! Why is this great news? Well, this baffling spot can provide us women with insane pleasure and here is a guide for you to find yours so you can exploit its magic to the max. The g-spot, or the Grafenberg spot, is a highly erogenous spot located within your vagina. Aroused and stimulated properly, it can produce a very intense orgasm in women. However, many women are very frustrated because they do not know where this elusive zone of theirs is situated exactly and are thus denied the ultimate pleasure. Due to the fact that the g-spot has been this sort of mystic, elusive thing for a long time, the medical community has been skeptical of its existence even though researchers have always insisted that it exists in every woman. However, thanks to new research findings today, the debate is over. Based on biopsies and MRI scans by the medical community, it has now been established that the g-spot does in fact exist. So, why don’t you take this guided tour of finding your sweet spot and find out what you can do with it once you find this blissful nub? The Gspot Defined The size of the gspot is something that’s been greatly debated on. The truth is, there is no exact diameter. Why? Because not...

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Corruption In Mexico

Some TV anchors – Lou Dobbs among them – have signaled the immense corruption reigning at all levels of government in Mexico. One area in particular has suffered huge losses due to that concept since its nationalization in 1938: the oil industry. "One reason is a rottenness at Pemex's core. The company loses at least $ 1 billion a year to corruption, its executives say, in a continuous corrosion of the machine that keeps Mexico solvent." (Tim Weiner, New York Times, 1/21/2003) Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has revenues of more than 200 billion dollars a year, making it the largest company in Mexico. Unfortunately, it is owned by the Mexican Government and, unofficially, by its union, which jealously guards the enormous privileges that it has been granted by fearful legislators (They fear losing the large bribes). The oil company union bosses have amassed huge fortunes and have rarely been held accountable by the judicial system. Workers at PEMEX can actually designate their successor when they retire, usually a family member, thus ensuring a continuing level of inefficiency. Pemex is just the tip of the iceberg in the area of ​​corruption; ever since the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) took over the government in 1929 and ruled with an iron fist for 70 years, official corruption became part of all political dealings. The PRI lost their stranglehold on the presidency of Mexico...

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Panama's National Parks

With the world's tourism leaning away from themed vacations, a new trend sees families traveling to jungles instead of Disney; taking cruises to Alaska instead of the Bahamas. This sect of tourism, aptly referred to as eco-tourism, flourishes in response to the times; as conservation consumes every aspect of our lives. But this should come as no surprise. We have become so desensitized to the novelty of amusement parks-the flashing lights and loud noises-that we have reverted back to the basics. No longer do television audiences demand compelling dramas and convincing dialogue, but instead vicariously invest their lives into the lives of others. The number of active reality television programming now exceeds sitcoms. The lives we were once content with, we have outgrown and now we crave the intangibles; the streamlined cityscape of an overwhelming Japan; whale-watching among a sea of ​​glaciers in Antarctica. The experiences that we once relied on television to provide for us, are now within reach and in demand. Panama, like most countries with an eclectic array of remaining natural resources, are well aware of this recent surge. Hence commercials not for specific attractions, but for the locations themselves. Cancun will likely show clips of white beaches and romantic sunsets; Venice-gondolas streaming along Canal Grande. Panama, on the other hand, subscribes to the loose-adage "if you've got it, flaunt it." What the country happens to...

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Grocery Shopping in Los Cabos Mexico

Shopping for groceries in Los Cabos Mexico is quite different than in other Mexican towns. The presence of all the luxury resorts and restaurants means there is a very sophisticated supply network. But there is also a local market for those who enjoy buying fresh foods straight from the farm or ocean. The first thing a new traveler to the area needs to understand is that the name "Los Cabos" is used to describe the general area encompassing the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Cabo San Lucas has a busy marina with both local and foreign boats always on the go. The streets are filled with vendors and shops selling everything but groceries. Still, if you want local roasted coffee and tequila factory stores then "Cabo" is your best bet. Also, because of the busy marina and the many shops and restaurants, Walmart has found a home here, complete with a Sam's Club. This seems to be the place that many of the local businesses and residents are now buying everything. It may seem weird to the seasoned traveler to find themselves strolling past a friendly Walmart greeter to get supplies for the week ahead; but the times are changing. Many of the residents in Cabo have been in other countries and have come to enjoy a more American shopping experience. CCC market...

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Cancun Trips – Experiencing Party Central

Are you a party animal? Well, there is a place where parties are fab than ever – Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is known as the party central. This is because this hot spot offers a wide array of activities that are sure to get you partying from sunrise to sunset. Cancun is located in the coastal city, it is the easternmost state of Mexico and Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is the municipal seat of Benito Juarez municipality and also a world – renowned tourist destination. The Cancun region aside from called "Party Central" is also known as Mexican Caribbean. Aside from being known for its fab parties, Cancun is also an all-around destination. All around in the sense that it offers a wide array of activities for all ages, and not only that – Cancun trips really give you a jam packed adventure all around the clock – you simply can't seem to run out of things to do, and you'll never get bored. The Cancun beach is exquisite – pearly white sand and clarion waters; not to mention the nice tropical feel of the sun. Must-do day time activities aside from sight seeing are water sports – like Parasailing, Swimming, Boating, Water Skiing, and Jet Skiing. Of course, taking time to just chill and relax on the beach and to gaze at the sunset is also...

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