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Month: October 2019

Home Based Travel Businesses Changing Lives Everyday

Imagine you are on the beach. You are lying in a hammock tied to swaying palm trees with the wind gently hitting your face as you watch the beautiful sunset. There is no care in the world with your beach resort taking care of all your requests. Now imagine this – the luxurious beach resort you are staying in, comes at a cost that is 70% off their normal retail prices. Exotic destination, luxury resorts at an unbelievable discount – what more could you ask for? Well there is more, in fact much more. What if I told you that you could actually make a living out of this incredible travel experience? Yeah that's right, not only can you now travel to your dream destinations at a fraction of the normal cost, you can also make a six figure income from the comfort of your home. Welcome to the world of a home based travel business. The travel industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is also on a large scale unaffected by the economic crisis because of the number of choices available to travelers at various price points. Even inside the travel niche, the home based travel companies are considered more secure than their full fledged tour operator counterparts. This is because home based travel businesses have almost next to none operating costs....

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Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan

The full moon party upon Koh Phangan is a very special event. There are few places in this world where you can live out your desert island dreams of palm trees and white sand beaches and still have a blinding night out at a rocking party every month, Koh Phangan is one of them. The town of Had Rin is a vibrant mix of friendly Southern Thai hospitality and the island's unique party culture, creating a place and vibe that could only be found at the origin of this world famous party. The Full Moon Party is held at Haad Rin Nok, so the many restaurants, pubs and bars in Haad Rin are decorated to attract tourists.At the party, top-name DJs provide many genre of music, like Hip Hop, Dance, R&B, Reggae and lots more. In addition, any number of other performers may join the Party throughout the evening; fire blowers and dancers, face painters and impromptu firework displays among them. In high season, there are over ten thousand people joining this party, but there are rooms to accommodate them scattered all over Koh Phangan, if you want to stay in Haad Rin you should book a room at least one week before the party. It is possible to stay on Koh Samui and get the ferry over for the party and back again early the next morning. Police...

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Caribbean Vacation Packages – How to Travel on a Budget

The Caribbean is the perfect place to relax on tropical shores and unwind with a cocktail amongst the palm trees. But many budget travelers are put off by high trip prices and the large number of luxury hotels way beyond their means, often believing it's the playground for the rich and famous. Yet the truth is there are several tricks to bagging a Caribbean vacation package that is affordable and fun without having to resort to stringing up a hammock to the nearest palm tree. 1. Shop around for a great deal – if you take the time to search online and are prepared to go last minute then you're guaranteed to find an amazing offer. You may be put off by the initial outlay of an all-inclusive package, but very often it ends up being cheaper as eating out for every meal in a restaurant can prove to be very expensive. Also an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation package allows you to spend your budget and stick to it, as well as offering access to a whole host of included extras which would be very pricey separately, such as water sports and a trip to the spa. 2. Go off-peak – many people are put off traveling to the Caribbean during off peak season because of the risk of hurricanes. Off-peak is from April to October and although the risk...

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McGregor Boulevard – Steeped in Fort Myers History

McGregor Boulevard is the grand dame of Fort Myers roadways and illustrative of Fort Myers' rich history peopled with Native Americans and legendary inventors. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone all built winter homes in Fort Myers after discovering its charms during the late 1800s. As legend has it, within 24 hours of arriving in Fort Myers in 1885, Thomas Edison bought 13 acres on the Caloosahatchee River. Aided by his wife, Mina, and others who had an abiding respect for nature, he began planting 200 imported palm trees along the dirt road between the downtown and his estate. An estimated 1800 palm trees, along with many other varieties of trees, now line the former Riverside Drive, later renamed McGregor Boulevard. These magnificent Royal Palms, many surpassing 75 feet, give Fort Myers its nickname as "the City of Palms." Today McGregor Boulevard is home to some of the finest communities in Southwest Florida. Stretching for 14 miles from Punta Rassa to Fort Myers, the Boulevard is the traditional entry point for the city. Pedestrian-friendly, the roadway is dotted with restored buildings, charming eateries and beach shops as well as professional buildings. Edison's home, botanical gardens and laboratory, as well as the estate Henry Ford built next door, are now favorite stops for visitors. According to tour guides, Edison and Ford hosted a variety of guests at their winter...

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Caring For Washing Machine Hoses

Washing machines call for constant attention and maintenance from the user. Washer hoses need special attention as a faulty hose may create a little flood in your house. The pooled up water along with mounting laundry is fit to drive any one mad. Hence, make sure your washer hoses stay fit and strong for you to enjoy uninterrupted service of your washing machine. Washing machine hoses are made of two types of materials. They are reinforced rubber and reinforced stainless steel. The reinforced rubber hoses are similar to the hoses you have been using so far. The difference lie in the use of rubber with materials like rayon and polyester which makes the hose last longer. The reinforced stainless steel hoses are supposed to last longer. However, evidence shows us that they too wear out like their rubber counter parts. The reason for this wearing out is that though the exterior is made of tough steel the interior is made of rubber! In short both type of hoses last more or less the same! The steel hoses may provide a longer guarantee but, it is wise not to get carried off with the glitter and warranty period of the steel hose. The best alternative is to check your washer hoses whether they are rubber or steel regularly, and make sure they stay in good working condition. Equipping your self...

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