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Month: August 2018

When Do I Trim My Trees?

Trimming your trees has many advantages and it should be considered for all of the ones that you own. Tree trimming is an important, yet often overlooked, step in the growing process. By trimming your them early on, you can control the shape of the crown. When you trim your trees properly, you avoid many common problems that many people experience. Disease, damage to the tree, damage to your property, and broken branches can all be avoided by trimming at the right time. Tree trimming can make your trees aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it can also keep your trees healthy. Trimming promotes the growth of foliage, fruit and flowers. Plus, trimming keeps the branches from getting too long and fragile, so they can actually support the weight of the new growth. This helps you to avoid limb breakage, which opens up your tree to diseases. You should trim your trees at specific times of the year. The timing is dependent on the type of tree that you own. You may want to contact a local professional tree trimmer or arborist to assess the best times to trim your trees. Some trees do best if they are trimmed in the spring or summer. Doing this can promote rapid growth and help your young trees develop to their full potential. Other trees do best if they are trimmed in...

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Hibiscus Trees

The hibiscus tree is a type of flowering plant with over 200 species. This type of plant is usually found in areas with warm climates, typically in the tropical and subtropical regions all over the world. You will be able to find both perennial, as well as annual type of plant within this genus. This plant is possibly the most versatile plant known in existence. Even though it is well known for its decorative properties, it has many other uses. Uses These plants are typically grown for their flowers. The flowers are large, with colors that will stand out. These flowers come in many different colors, all depending on the type of species they come from. The tree itself is most commonly used for landscaping purposes, while the flower itself is typically used for ornamental purpose. For example, in the state of Hawaii the hibiscus flower is used to greet important guests by placing them in leis. The sight of the hibiscus tree is a common occurrence in tropical areas. Another use of the hibiscus is its ability to enhance the taste of tea. The hibiscus tea is a well known drink which has lasted throughout the centuries. This drink has been around as far back as ancient Egypt. It is believed that the Pharaohs of this era drank this drink while relaxing next to the river. It was...

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My Magic Mountain

One of the best things about living in the mountains is snow. When Julian, California gets hit, the town rocks. Everyone comes out to play. Snowball wars are launched from one end of the historic mountain village to the other. The 4220 ft. elevation offers the potential for snow. As soon as the San Diego news forecasts it, media trucks show up and newspeople check into the local lodge to open the morning report with scenes of fresh snow. And then, the tourists come … "Snow Pie ​​Flies" is the term for tourists who rush up the mountain to experience the white stuff. Then, everyone taste tests the pies that Julian is known for and flies back home. It is famous for apple pies but peach, cherry and mountain berry are all popular. Do not miss the artwork. Native Americans sew leather pieces which are incredible. Medicine bags are worn by many and are inspired by members of the Kumeyaay tribe who live on nearby reservations. Spears and walking sticks are hand carved and ornately decorated. When puma prints were found on my property, one of the Santa Ysabel Indians left a lion-killing spear leaning on my door. It was beautiful but had four eagle feathers on it which only a native American is allowed to have. For me, it was a crime to possess the piece and each...

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How to Properly Eat Lobster Served Whole

Before you begin disassembling and enjoying your delicious lobster, make sure to thank your chef. Then look around your table setting to ensure you have the following: an extra plate for the shell of the lobster, a lobster cracker, a spatula or lobster pick, and a napkin or bowl of warm water for cleaning your fingers. The first step to devouring your lobster is to take off the claws. Pull them down and away from the body of the lobster to remove. Next, crack the shell of the claw with the lobster cracker. This will allow you to pick out all the meat with the spatula. Breaking the claw at the joint will also ease extraction of the meat. Legs are next. You can strip off the meat in the same way as the claws with the spatula or you can use a toothpick to loosen the meat and then suck it out of the leg shell. With the lobster boy upside down, pull the shell of the tail open and pull the tail meat out in one big piece. The majority of the meat in a lobster is found in the tail and the claws so you just did most of the hard work. Finally the body shell can be pulled open and you can use the spatula to pick out any white meat that you find. This is also where the brains and intestine are found. They...

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Spirit's Seasons, A Series – Basketball, Episode IV

THE FIRST THIRD of the season continued well for the Bobcats as they surprised the next four western division teams. Tyee was averaging 21 points a game and Larry was picking up a mean 13 rebounds and 11 points per contest. Sylix also earned a double-double averaging 10 assists and 11 points per game. But the true test would come as the Bobcats faced each of the six eastern division members before finishing the season by playing the western division teams a second time. There would also be four challenging non-league games in between. The first game of the crossover phase was with the St.. Peter's Patriots shortly before Christmas Vacation. It was the last league contest before the break. The Pats had big numbers at their school. They were the largest 1B school in the state and their administrators were sure to keep those numbers just under the 2B mark. They had dominated the league for several years and won the state championship two out of the past six seasons. This would be an especially tough game on the outskirts of Spokane. Both boys and girls rode in the larger, mid-sized bus. Three hours later the teams arrived in Greenacres, a suburb of Spokane Valley. Spirit, Abel, and the boys watched intently as their schoolmates dominated the Lady Pats for three quarters. Spirit motivated his team to head...

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