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Month: April 2018

How to Put an Army IRR Packet Together

Packet requirements, what you need to include in your IRR packet: 1. IRR packet checklist, based on Figure B-59 of USAR Pamphlet 600-5. 2. DA Form 4561, Request for Reserve Component Assignment or Attachment. Completely filled and signed by the Soldier and the Commander. 3. Your statement/justification letter and backing documentation. This is based on the reasons listed in AR 140-10. 4. Chain of Command Recommendation. 5. Cogent Personal Reason. If the specific reason isn’t listed in AR 140-10, it requires an exception to policy by your OFTS. 6. Counseling Statement (DA Form 4856). This is from the commander to the Soldier and is face to face. Are you in receipt of a bonus? This counseling statement must warn you about bonus termination or recoupment. 7. Counseling Statement (DA Form 4856). From the Soldier’s servicing career counselor to the Soldier; it’s also face to face. Valid reasons for transferring from the Troop Program Unit (TPU) to the Individual Ready Reserves (IRR): As a TPU Soldier, you can forward an IRR transfer packet up the chain of command. There’s no guarantee for that packet’s approval, or for your transfer to the IRR. If you want to improve your TPU to IRR transfer chances, refer to the valid reasons listed in AR 140 -10, Chapter 4, Paragraph 9. If you have enough documentations, and facts, to support one or more of...

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How To Find An Expert Palm Tree Removal Service Provider?

If you have a palm tree that you would like to remove from your property, there are a couple of ways to approach the task. You can either choose to remove a palm tree on your own by variety of methods like use of chemicals, slow tree killing, and digging the stump to remove the tree. But hiring a tree removal expert is the best option for palm tree removal. This is the most proficient method to get rid of the tree from your property. Most of the people tend to remove palm trees for aesthetic purposes whereas many of them want to get them removed due to various diseases and potential hazardous. Seeking services of a professional and dedicated tree removal expert is the best way to remove a palm tree. When it comes to picking a company that provides efficient services for tree removal, it can be a difficult task. Here are a few things to look for when you are seeking a provider for palm tree removal: Look for the one that is fully certified and provides insured professional service. This will cover the potential mishaps that might occur as a part of the job. Look for experienced providers who are known for the quality of their services. The most experienced ones will take time to clear the area thoroughly leaving no unwanted stumps or debris...

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Using Clay Pebbles In The Bottom Of Pots

Clay pebbles can be a very economic alternative for those with home gardens. While they may not be recommended for use in large pots due to their subpar nutrient-lifting properties, they can be quite effective when used in small pots and containers. Also, unlike other fillers clay pebbles can also be rinsed and re-washed indefinitely, usually pH neutral, and their round shape allows for ample ventilation throughout the pot, aerating the roots and preventing them from rotting. Ideally, clay pebbles should be used with net pots, especially for flood and drain hydroponic systems as the pebbles allow for the free flow of water through the plant roots and allow the nutrients to circulate better. However, a number of gardeners also make use of clay pebbles together with soil-less pot plant blends. However although it may seem like a straightforward option to place permeable substances such as clay-based pebbles in the base of the pot to ensure that water drains away more effectively. Nevertheless although it appears as if it’s a “no-brainer” choice, doesn’t necessarily work like that due to the characteristics of the pot plant blends themselves. Regardless of whether they are put inside growing pots or in the earth, a very important factor soils and planting blends share is the fact that once the consistency or characteristics of the soil suddenly changes (for example from potting mix to...

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