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Month: January 2018

Condolence Letters – What to Write in Your Condolence Letter When It’s the Death of a Spouse

A condolence letter about the death of a spouse is one of the more difficult condolence letters to write. No one truly knows the relationship between two married people. Writing “I understand how you feel” even if you’ve lost a spouse yourself isn’t always true. Without having been in the relationship yourself, you can’t imagine how the death of a spouse makes the survivor feel. When writing a condolence letter, it’s particularly important to understand how to write it and what to write that will offer comfort and support for the loss of a spouse and this profoundly personal relationship. “Nothing in life is certain, but death and taxes.” We have heard the phrase repeated many times. We laugh about it; we make fun of the circumstances. Yet, how many times do we give those words a second thought? We cringe when someone mentions death and hope for a quick end to the conversation. However, writing a condolence letter, when it’s the death of a spouse, can be crippling. Think back to your wedding day. You smile and boldly repeat the words, “Until Death Do Us Part.” You say a silent prayer and hope the day never comes. No matter how strong, passionate and comforting your relationship, it is hard to imagine your life with a spouse. But you grow closer and closer until you can’t imagine your life...

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Is Your Pet Rat Sneezing? The Facts You Should Know

Being a “rattie parent” can be worrisome when your little ones are doing things like sneezing. My goal with this article is to take away your confusion, so that you’ll feel better and your rat will be okay. Below are the things that can cause your rat to sneeze: Mycoplasmia This very common and incurable respiratory disease among rats may flare up throughout the rat’s life. Symptoms include sneezing, wheezing and, in advanced cases, gasping for air. Sores may sometimes develop on lung tissue, making it hard for the rat to breathe. While humans are capable of catching mycoplasmia from other humans, we cannot catch it from rats, and vice versa. There’s good news though. As long as their immune system is not compromised, most rats with mycoplasmia can live long and active lives, despite the outward symptoms. The key is feeding them a vitamin-rich diet (especially vitamins A and E) and taking extra precautions to avoid exposing them to dust, smoke, drafts and bacteria. If your pet rat gets “Myco flare-ups,” she may need to get treated with medication such as Vibramycin, the brand name Doxycycline or the generic brand, Baytril. These medicines will suppress symptoms and prevent the development of scarred lung tissue. Pneumonia The main difference between mycoplasmia and pneumonia is that the former produces symptoms of dry loud breathing that will come and go, while...

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The Christmas Sand Dollar

One of my favorite Christmases happened in California. My husband and I had lived in Los Angeles for several years. Our first Christmas, we drive to San Francisco after midnight mass on Christmas Eve – a lot shorter drive than the sixteen hundred miles to our families in Texas in ifmy weather. Beside, we both had to be back to work on Monday. That was a glorious trip, filled with small adventures. As anyone who has been to San Francisco can tell you, The City (as it is called by those of us who love it) holds many charms, and we sampled many of them. Believe me, San Francisco can get in your blood! On this second or third Christmas in California (memory fails me), we drive up US 101 (the "Ventura Highway in the sunshine" in the song made famous by America) through Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo, then picked up California State Highway 1 to Morro Bay. We dropped into a quaint motel, white with blue trim, on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning dawned bright and clear. We rose early, ate breakfast, and drove out to a huge, three-story sized rock that jutted out of the water at the edge of the beach, and was called, appropriately, Morro Rock. A few other hardy souls had preceded us to the beach that morning. If you know about the...

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Matheny Announces Retirement

The baseball player and catcher for the San Francisco Giants Mike Matheny announces retirement after his doctor refuses to clear him for the 2007 season after a conversation left him out for 4 months last season. Matheny was submitted for a number of tests on December, at the Sports Concussion Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to see if the symptoms had disappeared, but they had not. On December the 28th he tried to exercise and after his heart rate had been elevated he experienced the same troublesome symptoms for a day and a half, such as fatigue, memory problems and a tough time focusing and seeing straight. "This is not a shoulder, a knee or an elbow," Matheny said on a conference call. "We're talking about the brain. … I did not expect this. He is known as an excellent player, who gives 100% always, even in the trainings, where he used to be the first one to show up at the stadium sometimes at 6am in the morning. Matheny played his last full season in 2005, it was his first year in San Francisco, and he was recognized with the NL Gold Glove Award for the fourth time. He owns a .239 career batting average with 67 home runs and 443 RBIs in 1,305 games for Milwaukee (1994-98), Toronto (1999), St.. Louis (2000-04) and the...

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Making A For Sale By Owner Brochure

Making a home features and details flyer can be a very effective tool in the marketing of your home. Usually these types of flyers can be found in a small case attached to your FOR SALE sign. These flyers help prospective buyers decide whether to investigate your property further or not. This article will help you understand and explain how to put together a piece that will attract prospects. As you read on you'll have some specific ideas as to what needs to be included for maximum impact and impact. Usually, when people are out home shopping they tend to drive around a lot looking for homes for sale and collecting flyers and fact sheets about different homes they like. In order to make any further decisions that need some information up front before scheduling an appointment with the seller to view the property. Knowing how many square feet, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are some of the basic questions that must be answered before hand. Providing this information on the flyer will save you and them time and unnecessary appointments. Your Home for Sale Fact Sheet Should Include Key Information Obviously the most basic items should be included as items on your home for sale flyer. Keep in mind that not every single feature of your home is a selling point. Just be sure and include the most...

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