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Month: December 2017

Activated Sludge Treatment Process – What Volume and Density Limits Are Ideal

The activated sludge treatment process is a long drawn out process. During different stages of this treatment the volume of the dissolved and suspended particles have to be periodically calculated. In this article I discuss what volume and density limits are acceptable, and two indices that help in determining the actual volume and density of dissolved substances. Sludge Volume Index (SVI) The SVI tell us how good or bad the settling ability of the mixed liquor is. This settling is initiated only after the mixed liquor has been aerobically treated. Technically it is the volume of the settled activated sludge in a period of 30 mins. during the settling stage of the activated sludge treatment process. This volume is expressed in milliliters. If the volume of settled mass is low after 30 mins. then it is considered good. But if the SVI is of a high value, for example about 100 then it is believed that there is a high content of suspended and volatile solids. This is also believed to cause problems in the later stages of treatment. For most part, the activated sludge wastewater treatment plant is operated at a SVI value between 50 and 75. Thus it can also be used to check the quality of the sludge. If a settleometer (size 1000 mL) is used to measure the volume of the settled solids then SVI...

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Private Paradise With Hot Springs, Caves, And Ancient Petroglyphs – Guadalupe Canyon Awaits You

The indigo blue night sky flashes brilliant points of light, and blankets my view in all directions as far as my eyes can see. Except for the occasional cry of a distant coyote or the soft flickering wings of a desert bat, the awesome silence envelopes me. I can actually hear myself breathe. Nestled in the warm, soft, and completely private natural hot springs tub carved into the granite rocks surrounding my campsite, I lay, soaking, without a single worry or thought of my daily life. I feel like I am a thousand miles from home. Guadalupe Canyon is truly paradise, and only a short drive from San Diego, where I live. Canyon de Guadalupe is a palm covered oasis in the desert with natural hot springs, located 80 miles from the U.S./Mexico border in the Sierra de Juarez Mountains. Founded by Jose Loya Murillo, who first discovered the Canyon on horse back while searching for stray cows, “Don” Jose soon discovered the healing benefits of the mineral water and realized the natural beauty of the palm oasis. At the age of 60, Don Jose gave up ranching and set up a homestead in the canyon. He suffered from arthritis and found that bathing in the hot water cured his pain. The family built and continues to run two campgrounds containing about two dozen campsites each with its own...

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Moringa – The Miracle Tree

What is Moringa? Moringa is a tree that is said to have originated in northern India close to the Himalayan Mountains. This tree became famous thousands of years ago for its medicinal properties and is believed to been traded in mass quantities. This explains its now current locations being more subtropical and located on the old major trade routes. There are 12 different types of moringa plants, but the most popular and most nutritious is by far Moringa Oleifera. This leaves from this moringa tree have been used to treat over 300 diseases in Indian medicine. In addition, the crushed leaves provide one of the most holistic nutritional palates ever seen by plant matter. Ounce for ounce, the crushed moringa leaves contain 7 times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, 3 times the potassium as bananas, 4 times the vitamin a as carrots, 2 times the protein and 4 times the calcium as milk! It also contains 20 amino acids and all of the essential amino acids. Moringa is also high in antioxidants and is a great source of leafy green protein. Unbelievable right? I think so too and so do the people who are in the know. This plant is currently being used in Africa to treat malnourished children and its working like gangbusters. But it does not end there, the Malunggay (as it is called in...

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Dog For Sale: What To Look For In Your New Best Friend

Are you considering purchasing a new puppy or dog for yourself or your family? A person today has many sources for choosing their new best friend. Before running out to the nearest Pet store to find Fido, here are some things you should consider. Do not assume you have to get you new dog or puppy from a Pet store. Dog rescues and dog Shelters can be an excellent source for a new friend. Generally dogs from rescues or shelters are very well taken care of. If you want a pedigreed or "full-blooded" dog, you're only an option is a breeder who specializes in the breed of dog you're looking for. Many dogs of the same breed can have different character traits. Select the breeder who breeds dogs that have the character traits you are looking for. Personally, if I were going to buy from a Pet shop, I'd research them very carefully. Some pet shops get their dogs from "dog farms" or "puppy factories". This is not a place to get your new best friend from! Okay, now that you've decided which breed you want, how do you decide where to get a dog or puppy? Here are some quick and fast tips for choosing a Seller. Avoid a store, rescue, shelter or pioneer who has a dirty and smelly location. The place you buy your dog or...

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Luxury Automakers Offer High-end Holiday Treats

Think of the pricey luxury cars. You think they are hard to own because they are expensive? Not anymore – because luxury brands are offering high-end holiday trips for their customers. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is offering a limited-edition Phantom. This offer though is exclusively at its Beverly Hills dealership. Six Phantoms were created to serve said purpose. These vehicles feature mother of pearl inlays, chrome 21-inch wheels, commemorative plaques and lounge seat DVD system – all for $ 370,000 each. On the one hand, Mercedes Benz also produced Signature Edition CL600 luxury coupe. It is offered exclusively through Saks Fifth Avenue's holiday catalog. They are priced at $ 160,000 each. Mercedes made 20 CL600s and all of them were sold in less than 8 minutes on Nov. 14. Also, just last Friday, 3 of the 6 special-edition Phantoms remained at dealerships. Luxury auto brands are hiring that executives would spend their year-end bonuses on new cars for themselves as well as for their dear ones. It is also apparent that automakers have given their incentive offers full blast and kicked their TV ads. This move is made with high hopes of making potential customers to press their purchase button. "We are in a unique position with the stock market being so strong this year," said Chris Marchand, western regional manager for Rolls-Royce. "We think it's a great opportunity with...

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