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Month: November 2017

Water Resources – Infrastructure Does Not Grow On Trees, It Helps You Grow The Trees

Arizona and water issues for the future are an interesting issue as the Governor and her Drought task force move into a long-term workable plan. Such a compromise is necessary is AZ is to continue growth without devastating its food processing, farming and distribution and transportation industry in trade for housing and construction. This issue is on everyone's mind in AZ as the Bark Beetles is eating up the forests near Prescott, Fires have burned down thousands of acres in Show Lo and outside Tucson. As Yuma explodes in Population, as CA desert farmers use an abundance of water, housing continues to grow in San Diego's North East County, Eastern side along the 8 and in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Coupled with the intense growth of Las Vegas in suburbs of Green Valley, Summerlin, Centennial, Seven Hills, North Las Vegas and Anthem. In Tucson seeing housing housing growth on the West side and also heavy growth in and around the Oro Valley area. In Phoenix much like Las Vegas the growth is staggering, unbelievable really. More golf courses using up to 10% of the water including Trillium in Queen Creek, Cave Creek Area, Another Anthem, Sun City Expansion, Glendale, Goodyear and surround areas and Awautukee Hills. Growth also in cities bordering the tri-sate area places like Lake Have a Brew, Bullhead City, Laughlin and all the way down...

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Oviposition site preference of Barbitistes vicetinus (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) during outbreaks

Abstract Barbitistes vicetinus is an endemic bush-cricket of north-east Italy that causes heavy damage to woody vegetation and crops. Because the species was described in the late 1990s and outbreaks occurred only in the last decade, no data are currently available on pest biology and ecology. Female oviposition preference, in particular, is a key factor for understanding species habitat use, as well as for developing species monitoring and control programmes. We tested the influence of vegetation type (forest, vineyard and hedgerow) and soil cover (broadleaf litter and grass) on the oviposition preference of the species. A 3-year study was...

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Protecting Trademarks and Logos in the UK

Trade marks are used to distinguish a business’s goods and/or services sold by the businesses from others in the UK, and worldwide. Your logo might take the form of an emblem, symbol, badge or crest; it may also be a shape. The decisions to be made is whether it is (1) worthwhile making the effort to register the logo, (2) making the effort to do it yourself, or (3) engage external consultants to manage the process for you. In the UK, there is no legal requirement for your business to register logos, or any other trade name or trade mark used to identify your business to the public. Provided a business has sufficient turnover, sales expenditure and marketing activity, businesses are able to fall back on the Law of Passing off to protect your business. The difficulty with this approach is that your business will need to prove that it has the required level of goodwill and reputation in the market that justifies protection of the logo. Not an easy feat for start-up businesses. Also, provided the logo qualifies for copyright protection (as an artistic work), then copyright may be relied upon to protect the logo (this copyright protection is extended globally by individual countries implementing domestic law which is compliant with the provisions of the Berne Convention, which includes the UK). There are disadvantages to this approach, because...

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Websites For Sale – Are They the Best Business Opportunities Around?

Websites for sale are potentially good business opportunities for anyone who wants to work from home as long as you know about internet marketing and what SEO is. When looking to buy a website business, you should be looking to invest in a project that you know about and think you can add value to. If you look around you can pick up good business ideas that some web developers have not really tried to market which in turn you can reap the rewards. When buying these are the main things you need to look for: 1) Does the content match what the site is all about (eg if its a site selling laptops, does the content contain information about laptops) 2) Has the website been properly optimized so its search engine friendly 3) Has it got the keywords on the first page that match its meta tags 4) Does the site have anchor links that match your keywords 5) Have each page been correctly labeled to match your keywords Some sellers will sell websites that are use less. Ideally what you need to find is a company that offer the following service when looking for websites for sale 1) A unique business opportunity 2) A fully optimized website with different revenue streams (eg affiliate links, adsense, advertising, selling products, membership etc) 3) Full marketing support (eg guidance on...

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Predators and competitors of the mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in stands of changing forest composition associated with elevation

Abstract The mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) is an irruptive tree-killing bark beetle native to pine stands in western North America. The primary hosts are lodgepole and ponderosa pines. Recent rising temperatures, however, have allowed these beetles to survive at higher elevations more commonly than in the past, thus threatening whitebark pine, a keystone species of high elevation ecosystems and a highly susceptible host. The extent to which risk in whitebark pine stands may be mitigated by predators or competitors is unknown. We compared the communities of coleopteran predators and competitors of D. ponderosae in sites of...

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